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Public Teens

Over the last few days I’ve been reading a number of articles about the changes to teenagers account over at Facebook.  If you haven’t seen a report then have a look at this one...

Facebook Graph Search 2

Facebook: Graph Search

Last evening Mark Zuckerberg stood in front of the assembled media and announced a new search engine which would be coming to Facebook soon. Graph search is Facebooks way of increasing connections through the site.  Up...

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Habbo Hotel

Last night Channel 4 News exclusively revealed lapses in moderation, which were leaving young users exposed to sexual chat and being encouraged to continue the conversations on other platforms such as MSN & Skype....

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Digital Footprint Prezi

I’ve cobbled together another prezi.  It is aimed at post 16 students and comes with a warning. Uncensored profanity and opinion included! Feel free to comment

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User Generated Content

As the internet progresses, gets older, more used and embedded into everything we do, the content is changing. When I first started using the internet in 1995, most content I read was created by...

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Photographs and the DPA

I was nearing the end of a lovely weekend away with my fiancé when the data protection act came up.  Sadly my day off quickly turned into me almost leading another training session. We decided to...