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eSafety Prezi 0

eSafety Prezi

I made this prezi to explain to my SLT the steps we must go through to ensure safe use of online tools. I originally had twitter in mind, but I think it covers others...

Cloud Storage; Good or Bad? 1

Cloud Storage; Good or Bad?

Cloud storage first reared its head in my school at least two years ago when a forward thinking (shall we say?) teacher asked me to install the DropBox software on his teacher machine.  As with...


Twitter Tech

Ok, so I’ve made my points clear about twittering schools, but I’ve been finding that I am using twitter more and more.  I check my phone probably every hour out of work.  I see...


Twittering Schools

A number of staff members at school are asking about twitter. Typically I have shyed away from social networking and media for official school use. Bit of a minefield I’ve always thought. I can...

Boot Camp? 0

Boot Camp?

I’m struggling to decide whether I should be dual booting our macs. There are two ways of looking at it. Macs are an expensive resource which might not be used 25 lessons a week...

Vlanning 0


I’ve spent all day today with configuration files, ip addresses and vlans. They seem fairly simple in their design, but actually seem to take a fair bit of thought to get them to work!...