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Habbo Hotel 8

Habbo Hotel

Last night Channel 4 News exclusively revealed lapses in moderation, which were leaving young users exposed to sexual chat and being encouraged to continue the conversations on other platforms such as MSN & Skype. When you sign up for Habbo Hotel, you create an avatar, a digital representation of yourself...

The Cookie Monster 1

The Cookie Monster

Through bad planning of a difficult to implement scheme the ICO has managed to become the internet bad guy  in the last few days. Last year, the new cookie law was due to be implemented on the 26th May 2011.  The idea behind the law is that any website based...

Postit Monitor 0

Data Projectors

Projectors placed in the classroom create fantastic gateways to digital learning.  Teachers and pupils alike are able to utilise software, the internet and other forms of media through a large shared image.  Coupled with an interactive whiteboard the learning possibilities increase again.  If a projector fails in my school teachers...

Storage Wars 0

Storage Wars, Dropbox.Com, SugarSync.Com, are just three of the bigger names in online storage / backup that have persuaded me to sign up.  But the market has been swamped by start up companies mainly using Amazon storage as their backbone.  They all come with different offerings and people quite rightly sign up with...

Digital Footprint Prezi 0

Digital Footprint Prezi

I’ve cobbled together another prezi.  It is aimed at post 16 students and comes with a warning. Uncensored profanity and opinion included! Feel free to comment

google apps logo 0

The start of our Google journey

Google apps for education is a suite of hosted communication and collaboration tools designed and maintained by google and supplied to schools, universities and non profit organisations for free. Yesterday, after registering a suitable domain name, I applied for a google apps for education account for the trust of nine schools for...