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A year on

It’s been a year now since the @IrritableTech twitter profile started getting involved in conversations, publishing links and having an opinion on eSafety, Data Security and associated subjects. The twitter profile was actually set...


BYOD: NEN Consultation

‘NEN –The Education Network’ is a secure education network set up under the national grid for learning initiative in 2000, originally named The National Education Network. It delivers services and resources to the various...

cookies 0

When the cookie crumbles

I’ve blogged about the EU cookie law before, but as we enter this new era of cookie transparency, thing are moving quickly. After researching the topic further, and in the interest of being totally compliant rather than relying on implied...

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BYOD: Wifi, Network, Internet, Proxies

Bring your own device is one of the hot topics of today, not only in education, but all public and private sectors it seems.  I don’t intend to write about how useful or inafective...


Food for thought

The story of the never seconds blog, is a far more complicated one than is being made out in the media.  In short, a nine year old Scottish pupil has been reviewing her school...