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Safer Internet Day #SID2014

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. An international event on the second day, of the second week, of the second month of the year.  The event brings together various charitable and commercial organisations to push...

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Public Teens

Over the last few days I’ve been reading a number of articles about the changes to teenagers account over at Facebook.  If you haven’t seen a report then have a look at this one...


Family Safe Filters & Child Abuse Images

Yesterdays announcement by David Cameron highlights his personal and political interest in keeping children and young people safe.  I don’t think many could really argue that this isn’t a good thing. Mr Cameron made...


Ruckus Wifi Security Certificate

Security has always been one of my high priorities – security of data, connection and people.  So when we installed our managed wireless system a couple of years ago, I wanted to make sure...


iOS Pac File

After presenting a business plan to our Principal, I have been able to procure an iPad mini for each of my team.  I believe that if we are all connected (via email, to our...