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BETT13 Tech Bag 1

Bett Check List

I usually only go to Bett for a day, and therefore I need to think very carefully what to carry with me. Although many are already there today, for those who are visiting later...

User Generated Content 0

User Generated Content

As the internet progresses, gets older, more used and embedded into everything we do, the content is changing. When I first started using the internet in 1995, most content I read was created by...


Hot Swappable?

I walked in our server room on Thursday afternoon to find one of our APS UPS’ had a battery fault.  They have been in two years, so it was about time to be honest....

Boot Camp? 0

Boot Camp?

I’m struggling to decide whether I should be dual booting our macs. There are two ways of looking at it. Macs are an expensive resource which might not be used 25 lessons a week...

Vlanning 0


I’ve spent all day today with configuration files, ip addresses and vlans. They seem fairly simple in their design, but actually seem to take a fair bit of thought to get them to work!...