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Even after thinking

I often find myself reminding people of the notion to think before you post. “Would you be happy if your Granny read that”, “is that really necessary” etc? I remind myself of the rule...


Online Alias vs. Real Names

The most observant followers I have on twitter soon noticed when I changed my name earlier this week.  Over the holiday I read ‘The Students Guide to an Epic Online Reputation … And Parents’ Too’...

Social Networks - Build a positive online identity 4

Brand Building

You may not think of your identity as a brand, but one day you’ll want to market yourself to a new employer, university or customer.  Perhaps someone will spot your talent and sign you...


A year on

It’s been a year now since the @IrritableTech twitter profile started getting involved in conversations, publishing links and having an opinion on eSafety, Data Security and associated subjects. The twitter profile was actually set...


ESafety Live 2012 London

As the train bumps along the tracks back north my mind has turned to what I have learnt over the last few hours. Firstly, there are all of people and organisations out there trying...


Short URLs

Short URLs came about mainly due to social networking. Twitter for example only allows 140 characters per tweet.  If you end up using 110 of them for a URL, you’re going to find it...