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Digital Footprint Prezi 0

Digital Footprint Prezi

I’ve cobbled together another prezi.  It is aimed at post 16 students and comes with a warning. Uncensored profanity and opinion included! Feel free to comment


ESafety Live 2012 London

As the train bumps along the tracks back north my mind has turned to what I have learnt over the last few hours. Firstly, there are all of people and organisations out there trying...


Short URLs

Short URLs came about mainly due to social networking. Twitter for example only allows 140 characters per tweet.  If you end up using 110 of them for a URL, you’re going to find it...


We Know Where You Live

I’ve been trying to come up with a presentation for our post 16 students all based on their digital footprint.  What they are broadcasting, what it says about them, and how to produce a...

IrritableTech on Ice 0

Photographs and the DPA

I was nearing the end of a lovely weekend away with my fiancé when the data protection act came up.  Sadly my day off quickly turned into me almost leading another training session. We decided to...


Safer Internet Day Review

Yesterday’s safer internet day seems to have been a fantastic success. The BBC launched their ‘Share, Take Care‘ campaign to coincide with the days events.  BBC Radio 1 kept pushing their online game which gets you to...