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Even after thinking

I often find myself reminding people of the notion to think before you post. “Would you be happy if your Granny read that”, “is that really necessary” etc? I remind myself of the rule...

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eSafety Guidance for Schools

This blog was originally written by Adam Welch for ClassThink.Com   When Ofsted released an ‘Inspecting eSafety in Schools’ briefing document in 2012 it became clear that the matter had been recognised by the inspectorate...


Google SSL Search

For those that aren’t aware, Google made an announcement earlier this month that seemed to go unnoticed for a little while – an announcement which has fairly serious repercussions for those involved in content...


Safer Internet Day #SID2014

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. An international event on the second day, of the second week, of the second month of the year.  The event brings together various charitable and commercial organisations to push...

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Public Teens

Over the last few days I’ve been reading a number of articles about the changes to teenagers account over at Facebook.  If you haven’t seen a report then have a look at this one...


Family Safe Filters & Child Abuse Images

Yesterdays announcement by David Cameron highlights his personal and political interest in keeping children and young people safe.  I don’t think many could really argue that this isn’t a good thing. Mr Cameron made...