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Even after thinking

I often find myself reminding people of the notion to think before you post. “Would you be happy if your Granny read that”, “is that really necessary” etc? I remind myself of the rule...


Online Alias vs. Real Names

The most observant followers I have on twitter soon noticed when I changed my name earlier this week.  Over the holiday I read ‘The Students Guide to an Epic Online Reputation … And Parents’ Too’...

Social Networks - Build a positive online identity 4

Brand Building

You may not think of your identity as a brand, but one day you’ll want to market yourself to a new employer, university or customer.  Perhaps someone will spot your talent and sign you...

IrritableTech-Public-Teens-Facebook-Privacy 0

Public Teens

Over the last few days I’ve been reading a number of articles about the changes to teenagers account over at Facebook.  If you haven’t seen a report then have a look at this one...

Facebook Graph Search 2

Facebook: Graph Search

Last evening Mark Zuckerberg stood in front of the assembled media and announced a new search engine which would be coming to Facebook soon. Graph search is Facebooks way of increasing connections through the site.  Up...


A year on

It’s been a year now since the @IrritableTech twitter profile started getting involved in conversations, publishing links and having an opinion on eSafety, Data Security and associated subjects. The twitter profile was actually set...