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Google SSL Search

For those that aren’t aware, Google made an announcement earlier this month that seemed to go unnoticed for a little while – an announcement which has fairly serious repercussions for those involved in content...

cookies 0

When the cookie crumbles

I’ve blogged about the EU cookie law before, but as we enter this new era of cookie transparency, thing are moving quickly. After researching the topic further, and in the interest of being totally compliant rather than relying on implied...


Food for thought

The story of the never seconds blog, is a far more complicated one than is being made out in the media.  In short, a nine year old Scottish pupil has been reviewing her school...

The Cookie Monster 1

The Cookie Monster

Through bad planning of a difficult to implement scheme the ICO has managed to become the internet bad guy  in the last few days. Last year, the new cookie law was due to be...