In my current role as a Systems Manager of a large secondary school I have been able to lead a team and numerous projects for my employer. This position has allowed me to develop my leadership skills as the team expands to requirements.

Leading a team which maintain numerous Active Directory networks across many schools and other businesses has given me extensive knowledge in Microsoft server and client operating systems, as well as client software.

Offering services to other organisations required me to manage service level agreements with numerous other schools, children’s centres as well as commercial businesses. Maintaining the expected level of service to ensure the continuation of the commercial relationship.

I’ve been able to plan, design and implement a number of projects. Managed wirelesssystems, incorporating school owned devices and BYOD. Large network infrastructure deployments to include VLANs, routing and access control.

I’ve designed, maintained and hosted websites since 1996. Learning to write HTML and some PHP. This put me in a great position to run virtual learning platforms including share point and moodle.

I’m very experienced with server virtualisation technology. I have successfully implemented virtual servers on Citrix Xen Server and Microsoft Hyper-V. Using iSCSI and SANs for centralised storage.

I believe technology needs to be as safe as I can make it, which is why much of my energy is spent ensuring data is safe and held within local and international laws. Systems are secure using firewalls, antivirus and anti malware solutions. Furthermore, users must be well trained and workable policies must be created.

The eSafety and digital footprints of myself, family, students and staff have been a big priority within my work. Using my knowledge I have delivered training and advised countless individuals to ensure their online lives are safe, educational and fun.

Technology has changed the way we work, relax and learn. Never before have our students, teachers and employees had such access to information, tools of communication. I try to inspire and lead through new technologies, social media and education.

Over the years I have built up a good reputation through twitter, facebook and my blog with companies and individuals within the technology, education and eSafety sectors.  I am regularly asked for advice, and take part in discussions on educational technology and safety.  My digital footprint is very important to me, which is why I have always maintained a professional approach to both my real life and online presence.

Adam Welch