SnapChat – Implied Security?

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  1. Blog: SnapChat – Implied Security? #eSafety #DigitalFootprint #OnlineSafety

  2. @jonwitts says:

    Great write up on the security and #esafety issues of #SnapChat by @IrritableTech on his blog:

  3. When I chatted with @snapchat I was not reassured “@IrritableTech: Implied Security? #DigitalFootprint #OnlineSafety”

  4. @eSafety4Schools Your tweet yesterday led to me blogging about SnapChat. Thought you might be interested…

  5. @OnlineEllen @simfin Reading that yesterday made me investigate further. I didn’t like what I found…

  6. @OnlineEllen says:

    More on #snapchat here from @IrritableTech

  7. @kcorish Snapchat worried me enough to write a blog post. I really can’t see positive uses for it.

  8. @KatieLGreer Thanks for that. #Snapchat scared me. I wrote this…

  9. @MediatedReality @kashhill I wrote some thoughts about snapchat a few weeks ago. A horrible app in my opinion.

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